To acknowledge use of this shared resource, please include the following in your publications: This research was partially supported by UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant NCI P30CA118100 and made use of the Fluorescence Microscopy and Cell Imaging shared resource.

Fluorescence Microscopy Shared Resource Services and Rates

Services offered by resource staff include:

  • Expert consultation on experiment design and specimen preparation
  • User training
  • Operator assisted imaging and acquisition of preliminary data for grant applications
  • Annual open house to inform users of updates on new instrumentation, technologies and applications
  • Microscopy course for graduate students and fellows on optics and instrument functionalities •Annual workshops that give new users hands-on training in specimen preparation

Microscope Service & Rates

Transmitted Light and Epi-fluorescence Imaging:
Zeiss AxioSkop – AxioCamHR Color Camera
Zeiss AxioObserver – Hamamatsu ORCA Flash4.0v2 sCMOS Monochrome Camera
Zeiss AxioPlan2 – Nuance Multi-Spectral Camera
Nikon TE2000 – Q-Imaging Retiga R3 Monochrome Camera

Laser Scanning Confocal Fluorescence Imaging:
Leica TCS SP8 Confocal with single molecule detection/FLIM
Zeiss LSM 800 AiryScan
Olympus Microscope:
Single Particle Tracking/Fluorescence Ratio Imaging (Rm. 218)
Confocal Stereology system (Rm. 212)
Epi-fluorescence Imaging
Confocal Fluorescence Imaging

Olympus Microscope and Spectral Imaging
$100/hour (4 hours)
$75/hour (2-6 hours)
Imaging with Operator:
All Imaging Modalities $100/hour