Policies and Procedures

It is your responsibility to read and understand the following information:

The UNM Flow Cytometry Shared Resource provides analytic flow cytometry and cell sorting services located in CRF 217. To allow smooth operation and fair access to the equipment for all investigators and to maintain equipment in proper working order, operational policies and procedures must be followed. Key operational policies are highlighted below.

Appointment policy:

  • Appointments for all instrument usage time must be scheduled in iLabs. 
  • Operator assistance is required for cell sorting. 
  • Cell sorting appointments require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Cell sorting billing starts when your appointment starts; billing ends when the sort ends. If your sort ends early, you are not billed for that time. 
  • Approved, trained users may make appointments for self-operation same day. 
  • Evening and weekend appointments are authorized for trained, self-operated use only.

Proper usage and routine maintenance of the equipment are critical for optimal data collection.

  • Although calibrations and other maintenance procedures are the responsibility of the Flow Core, it is important that users properly perform the startup, shutdown, and cleaning procedures as described in the training sessions. 
  • Proper decontamination and cleaning of the fluidics tubing and flow cell must follow each use of the cytometer. 
  • Post-acquisition washing and cleaning procedures are considered normal run time and will be billed as part of the total appointment time.

Biohazard policy for analytic cytometers:

  • All users must be up to date with both BSL1 and BSL2 lab safety training (included in the Research Safety Training that is mandatory for all researchers on campus).  
  • BSL3 and Radioactive samples are not allowed in our facility under any circumstances.

Operators and self-operation

  • Self-operators are expected to be capable of normal operations without the facility operator's assistance, including startup and shutdown, analysis, sterilization and maintenance (nozzle clogs, etc.).
  • If your run is taking longer than expected and will run into another user’s time, they have the right to bump you at the time their run is to start.
  • Last user of the day – It is the responsibility of the last user of the day to turn off the analytical instrument. If the last person of the day cannot make his/her scheduled time, he/she must inform the person before to turn off the machine. If there is no other person the last person reservation needs to come to the flow core and turn off the machine.
  • Reservations can be made day of use – and should be done in iLabs. Filling out the exact time of use in the notebooks by each instrument insures that charges will be for your used time on the machine


  • Single user training is available by appointment only, and will be performed using samples provided by the investigator.  
  • Flow core personnel will determine when the investigator is able to self-operate.

Data Archival

  • Facility users are responsible for all data archival.
  • The Shared Resource facility does not have the capacity to serve as a data repository


  • Users should report problems at the Facility immediately to: Wade Johnson. 
  • We will notify users when an instrument is down. If the instrument where you made your reservation is not working, we will do our best to assist you in collecting your data on a different instrument and will waive the assistance surcharge. 
  • Director Dr. Jennifer Gillette is the final arbiter for problems that arise at the facility.