It is the policy of the Resource that all new users undergo machine specific training sessions. These training session typically consists of two different sessions with the flow core manager and a single user. Each session should be between 60 and 90 min.

Training sessions are scheduled through iLabs.

The user is responsible for providing the following for their training session.

Prepared cells @ 1x106/ml in FACS/Eppendorph tubes – Fortessa training requires FACS tubes

  • Your cells should be filtered through a 50 μm filter prior to running on the cytometers 
  • Cell  volume should be between 250 and 500 μL

The following cells are required for training

  • Unstained control
  • Single stain controls – one for each fluorochrome being tested.
  • Compensation controls – beads are the preferred compensation control. If using cells, be aware that rare populations are not the best for compensation. Use antibody/fluorochromes that will give a strong positive population
  • Testing Samples