Support Groups

When facing cancer, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Meeting other cancer patients and survivors can be very helpful, so we offer many groups and programs to help you connect with others facing similar challenges. Please take a moment to review these programs and call the numbers listed below if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment. Please call to register as space is limited.

Find support meetings & events coming up on the calendar here.

Arts-in-Medicine at UNM • 505-277-2112

From September to May of each year, the UNM Cancer Center waiting rooms and chemotherapy suites are transformed by the Arts-in-Medicine Program at the University of New Mexico. The program offers patients and their loved ones healing experiences with music, art, writing and massage to create moments of beauty and rejuvenation.


reasons to think about
joining a support group:

  • Help you feel better, more hopeful, and not so alone
  • Get a chance to talk about your feelings and work through them
  • Help deal with practical problems, such as problems at work or school
  • Help cope with side effects of treatment

Source: National Cancer Institute

Better Together • 505-272-7444

A supportive environment to explore feelings surrounding a Stage IV breast cancer diagnosis and to receive educational materials.

Caregivers Journaling • 505-925-0104

A journaling support group for family and friends of cancer patients. Discover the healing power of writing to express thoughts and feelings. No prior writing experience needed; spelling and grammar do not matter. This group is offered in partnership with Cancer Support Now

Cancer Survivor & Family Education & Support Group • 505-255-0405

In partnership with Cancer Support Now, we offer an education and support group for cancer survivors and their family members. The purpose of the group is to provide emotional support and other assistance to participants coping with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Connections • 505-925-0185

A supportive environment to explore feelings surrounding a new diagnosis of early stage breast cancer, receive educational materials and connect with community resources and members.

Coping With Cancer • 505-272-5817

Provides support for both cancer patients and their caregivers.  This group will explore coping skills relating to non-medical difficulties in cancer care.

Meditation and Relaxation Group • 505-925-0104

The UNM Cancer Center’s Meditation and Relaxation Group practices mindful breathing and progressive muscle relaxation to help participants relax and experience well-being.  Tuesdays, 10:30 - 10:50AM in the UNM Cancer Center Meditation Room.  No registration required.

Mission Nutrition • 505-925-0104

Healthy eating tips during cancer treatment.

Quarterly Head & Neck Get-Together • 505-272-5817

Meet and greet both current head and neck patients and those who have been through treatment. Come share your experiences, learn from those who have been where you are, and make new friends.

Survivors Writing Together • 505-925-0104

Survivors Writing Together provides a unique combination of journaling and support group for people in all stages of diagnosis and recovery.

UNM Cancer Support & Community Education • 505-925-0104

A brief educational session followed by time for sharing and support; open to patients, survivors and loved ones.  This support group is offered in partnership with Cancer Support Now.